Schönherz Student Work

Junior workforce for tasks!

Companies are looking for future professionals while they still attend university… We have worked on building the strongest junior database to provide a high standard employment!
We get there, where others don’t! New communication channels, online and offline marketing campaigns, appearance on social media events, university collaborations, using our social network that has been built for 26 years, we find those junior candidates, who are ready to act by entering the best universities.
With their collaboration, we can fill in positions even on a skill shortage, mostly:
  • In the IT sector struggling with labour shortages: developer, tester, support, help-desk positions.
  • In engineering sector: electrical, mechanical, civil engineer positions, architects
  • In financial, clerical, administrative sector: logistics, finances, sourcing, operation, HR, front desk
  • Our clients can also count on us regarding traditional student jobs (e.g.: touristic, catering, or hostess tasks).
There are thousands of senior year university students in the constantly updated database of Schönherz – we test their knowledge and skills with a multi-staged recruitment process, this way we can provide appropriate candidates directly for the tasks defined by our clients.

We and our students take assignments all over the country, and we operate offices in Budapest, Debrecen and Miskolc.

In the past 12 months, 4 430 of our students worked on 1 211 projects of 646 of our clients. 73% of our clients employ our students full-time after graduation!


We deal with recruitment, employment, payment processing, consulting and online advertising of external, independent job vacancies. Either professional employment, project like, part-time or long-term tasks, we always strive for the most cost-effective ways to provide ambitious juniors. We work with an online case management form and e-invoice. We handle the labour administration from A to Z.
For more information, please visit the Schönherz website. We are pleased to answer your questions at, or you can call us at +36 1 296 2526.